Support Crestline by joining the PTO! 

The Cougar PTO exists to strengthen, enhance and encourage the educational and social environment of Crestline. Membership includes access to the online directory.

We invite you to please join the PTO, as your $25 goes to all of the fantastic programs and events we are able to provide the students.


If you are a Cougar Contributor, you are automatically a member of the PTO. 


If you are not a Cougar Contributor and would like access to the online directory, you can either become a Cougar Contributor or join the PTO in the store.


FAQs about Joining PTO

Q: If I join, do I have to attend meetings?

A: No. We invite PTO members to two annual general memberships meetings, but they are optional.



Q: If I join, will I have to volunteer or spend a lot of time at school?

A: No. You will receive a "Willingness to Serve" email to indicate positions you may be interested in, but volunteering is not required.